Medium Charcuterie (3 -4 people)

Medium Charcuterie (3 -4 people)

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Our medium box, perfect for three to four people includes the following:

- Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and Roast Beef (more options coming soon!)

- 3 types of cheese (Options may include brie, cheddar, boursin or gouda)

- Crackers (original) & Baguette slices

- Jam or honey

- Olives and pickles

- 2 types of dip (hummus & red chilli)

- 2 -3 types of fruit / vegetable (options may include, strawberry, grapes, blueberry, cucumber or cherry tomatoes)

- Chocolate Wafer Sticks and/or bark chocolate

- Pistachios and/or cashews

*Please note no two boxes are made the exact same. Boxes are made according to what's in season and available.

*Please read what's included in the box carefully. Our boxes are not made in allergen free environments and include nuts. Individuals with severe allergies should be cautious.

*Please note, box will be bigger for a size medium than in the picture.